SPENT is a funny money podcast for the financially challenged. If you hide from your mail, dodge phone calls from strange phone numbers and would rather have a beer than make a budget -- this podcast is for you. 

Why is it that people are perfectly comfortable talking about how many people they’ve slept with but if you ask them how much money is in their savings account...? Suddenly, everyone is a prude. It's just way too personal. We all think everyone else is on top of their money. But guess what? They aren't. 

This podcast tackles the money issues that affect us every day. Why is it so hard to save money? Why do we overpay for services or pay extra fees when we don’t have to? How does the way we were raised affect we manage our money? Why does it cost so much to live our freakin’ lives, let alone pursue our dreams?

And finally, why are we so f*****d up about money?

We're taking the shame out of the money game. You'll laugh, you'll groan, you'll learn, you'll get a financial life, one episode at a time. 

About Qapital

SPENT is sponsored by Qapital, the free easy-to-use, automated savings app for iPhone and Android that lets you save money for all the things you want to do in life. 

When I approached Qapital about my idea for this podcast, they were on board right away. Because the people who work there get it. They key to saving money isn’t about following advice -- it’s about emotions and behaviors. Habits make change. And Qapital helps you change your change your spending habits.

Qapital is offering listeners a fantastic deal: Go to Qapital.com/SPENT and download the app and Qapital will give you $10 to get you started on saving toward your goals. Qapital accounts are FDIC-insured and work with your bank.  It was made for people like us, people who have trouble saving. Check them out! 



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